Selena, ‘I remember a 14-year-old and his friends going to each village, telling everybody how they wanted an education. You think about how many kids hate school here and how much they just wish they didn’t have to go to school. You know, I was one of those kids. I complained all the time about having to

do homework and I wanted to go out and play, and these kids are begging for school. ..It was so powerful. It makes you more aware of how fortunate you are. There was this little kid playing with a bunch of plastic bags that he wrapped string around, and it was a soccer ball. That’s all he needed.

And you think about all the Game Boys and all the things that kids ‘need’ to be entertained here. It was about simplicity with them. I loved being around them. It got me excited to help more.

  • Untouchable

    selena is her!!

  • Entertainmentlove

    wow she went deep into the village of ghana caus ghana is different now
    but good she helping first time i said that

  • EverythingYoureNot

    she is pretty amazing :3

  • Britini95

    That’s amazing, she is truly inspiring. She’s not just talking the talk, she’s walking the walk.