Male music leader Justin Bieber will debut his acoustic music video for ‘Never Say Never at Game 3 of the World Series on Saturday during pre-game show. In the video, Justin wore gear from San Francisco Giants and Texas Rangers.

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  • jeffhardy

    i really hope the album goes bad and he runs away from hollywood to his mommy….. justin beiber has lost fans faster than any other person i have known….his album i know will still do great and i will be disappointed…. i know…but i will wait till the day… see it coming soon… hopefully


  • jeffhardy


  • xSweetCandyxx

    Yay can’t wait to see it =)

  • Lilly

    Thank you Bieberlake for ruining the one thing I have ever love, baseball. I can’t believe they’re wasting the pre-game show on this, they should talk about how great the Giants offense has been lately instead of this. Go Giants!

  • Lilly

    And BTW Bieber, never ever wear the Giants cap on your head again. You don’t deserve to wear it

  • crah

    care me not.

  • JBeezyDreezy

    then oceanup umm why not show us the pic of him wearing the shirt ?? psych

  • JBeezyDreezy
  • _herecomestrouble

    yaayyy! (:

  • _herecomestrouble

    why doesn’t my icon work? it’s annoying..

  • Sarcasm was always intended


  • TraceSTAN

    Bieber or Baseball, I can’t decide which is more annoying.

  • TraceSTAN

    I decided, baseball wins, it’s had many more years to annoy me.

  • allaboutjbieber

    all the way baby!

    thats MY team, and they need to start working their butts off if they are going to beat the Giants.

  • LiveLaughLove

    GIANTS! :P

  • ensuringthecrisis

    Raaangers :DDD

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  • love me or love me not

    oh,cool,love biebs…

  • TraceSTAN

    love me or love… said:

    oh,cool,love biebs…
    what do you have squirting at that girl’s face in your icon?

  • love me or love me not

    it’s a funny ghost..i think it’s cute…haha

  • girl crush mileyyyyy

    k, he looks cute! :)

  • .Truth.

    San Fraaaannn <3

  • Untouchable


  • Anonymous18

    ove me or love… said:

    it’s a funny ghost..i think it’s cute…

    is that ashley greene?

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  • love me or love me not

    ooohh,your icon…

  • love me or love me not