• Chanells__Cool

    Don’t know what this is about. But I love Rob! :) I miss his adorable candid videos!

  • hellobeautiful4

    Every year, Taft, which is a boarding school in Connecticut, gets a day (randomly) off from school! They have made it a contest to see who can out-do the previous year. Last year they had Will Smith announce it and this year it was Rob Pattinson! SOOO amazing.

  • hellobeautiful4


    My best friend goes to this school!!!!! This is insaneeeeeee! I’m so jealous…this would never happen at my school haha. I love love love Rob! It’s so funny how this just happened yesterday and everyone already knows about it! Love it!!!!

  • hellobeautiful4
  • Britini95

    I love Robert Pattinson! He has a delightful dorky charm.

  • hithere

    rob sexy man. looooooooooooooooove him

  • paparazzigirl

    Idk what this is for but he’s so cute :)