Honor Society & Nick Jonas My Own Way

  • superJOEman

    Nice song! Two thumbs up for Nick and Honor Society! :))

  • Ashe Cyrus Jonas

    you are right!
    in the original u can barely hear nick’s voice :P

  • peaceandlove.

    Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.

  • NickJisHot

    i think even in the original one you can still hear nick’s voice, but im loving this :D

  • Tick Tok

    Nick sounds really good, love it.

  • LizzieHawkins

    <3 Nick

  • lovehearts

    i LOVE this song!

  • Fan 4 ever

    I really love this! Nick sounds awesome in the background. I think he should do a song like this (beat wise) on his next solo album. Honor society sounded awesome too!

  • PeaceLoveHarmony

    Nick sounds really epic
    And as always love Honor Society

  • thedarksunshine

    I love how we can all recognize nick’s voice. :)

  • itsmileybest

    Nick sound so hot! <3 I love this song!

    Hahaha is impossible don’t recognize nick’s voice.