Happy Halloween! oceanUPDATE

oceanup-halloween-fan-art-contest-selenaHappy Halloween! Sorry, we can not post pictures and avatar uploads won’t work until we have migrated the site to the NEW company/ servers. It taking a while because they have to test the site so that it doesn’t crash. The FAN ART will go up ASAP when we are on the new servers early this week. Sorry for the delay!

  • Blankes

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  • JBeezyDreezy

    it doesn’t even look nice.. a new server would be great

  • Britini95

    Thanks to the heads up on the icon thing! I spammed some post about how I couldn’t upload mine. hahahaha.

  • jerseygirl

    And a little birdy told me it’s also OU’s birthday today so…………

    Happy Birthday OceanUp!

  • LibertyMiley_

    Ugh I hate OceanUP! Why I can’t change my Icon?! >:P

  • sophieee

    new server :D
    wonder what OU is gonna look like…

  • NickJisHot

    oh okay, how about the anons? i miss them even though they are annoying xD

  • taylorllama

    I was wondering why I couldn’t upload my icon.

  • milenator

    Happy Halloween OU