Rihanna ONLY GIRL Live On X-Factor

  • ellelovesjonas

    it’s funny when the celebs are worse than the contestants…
    but i mean, concidering this is Rihanna, this was an ok performance….

  • Britini95

    Yeah, she can’t really sing that well :/ In this day and age, talent is not a necessity when it comes to wanting to be a famous singer/actress. It’s all about shock value. But considering this is Rihanna performing, her voice was good. In general, it was bad. I think the only new pop singer that has ANY vocal ability is Lady GaGa. If you don’t believe me, look up her Capella while accepting a VMA, better than half the performnaces that night!With Florance+ the Machine as the exception.

  • AuroreDreams

    She sounds like Bieber here… :/ sorry but that’s really awful :/

  • Chanells__Cool

    That was awful. Like seriously. So much cracking and none of the highnotes were done well. Of the few that were even attempted.

    She looked kind of cool though, I guess.

  • Disdain


  • Disdain

    Still can’t get an icon.

  • Disdain

    I baked a cake today.

  • Hollieluvsux

    The flower thing in her hair is
    amazing !! :D

  • CoolerThanU

    She was fantastic!! I loved it.

  • marissababyxo

    She was good. I loved the flower in her hair. <3
    And OMG she has like the perfect body. I wish I looked like that!!

  • angie2much

    her voice annoys me