Justin Bieber Demi Lovato Shine @ J-14

Demi Lovato was voted the Iconic Triple Threat of 2010 by J-14 readers. Justin Bieber won Icon of the Year, over Miley Cyrus, Nick Jonas, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner. He was also named Iconic Male Star & Iconic Tweeter. Miley Cyrus was voted Iconic Female Star over Kristen Stewart and Lady Gaga.


  • EmmaLC

    LOL. Demi is not a ‘triple threat’. Singing, acting… and what? That’s only two.

    I love how they use the word ‘ICON!’. James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Madonna are icons. Miley, Demi & co? Um, no.

  • EmmaLC

    LOL are you kidding?
    She’s a shoe-in for the Razzie this year. The Last Song was painful for me to sit through.

  • drob

    who cares.

  • kangmeng8932

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  • Moonbeam

    Miley also won Iconic movie actress just to complete.


  • Untouchable

    okay then

  • brokenpromises

    Teenie mag bull….

  • asIF. . .

    brokenpromises said:
    Teenie mag bull….

  • little misssunshinee

    whooooo bieberrrr<333333
    lololol justin has a really little head it’s
    cuteee..is that weird?!?
    anyways congratz to them i dont know what this award thing really is i dont
    read those magazines really there kinda lame but yaaay 2 them for winning<3

  • xpleasebemine


  • hithere

    i would pick kristen over miley.. but anyway
    congrats demi.

  • omnonymous


  • TraceSTAN

    Are these like the oscars?

  • Lilly

    TraceSTAN said:

    Are these like the oscars?

  • bluesfan3410

    Oh boy J-14 that’s so legit!