Justin Bieber, ‘I’m A Christian..’

justin bieber the grove 011110Justin Bieber chatted with AP about how is faith helps him survive: ‘Hollywood is… a scary place. There’s a lot going on, there’s a lot of bad things, but there’s also a lot of good

things. I’m able to live my dream, I’m able to do a lot of good things. Basically, I don’t even consider religion. Like, I’m a Christian, I believe in God.. As soon as I start forgetting, I’ve got to click back and be like, you know, this is why I’m here.’

He gets annoyed when critics focus on his signature hair style rather than his vocal talent: ‘People are always like, ‘So, your hair is your trademark’ and stuff. I’m like, ‘no’. My voice is my trademark, you know?’

On his nail polish line: ‘It’s not really my nail polish line. Like, I think it’s weird to think about that,” MSNBC quotes the 16-year-old as saying. I don’t know. It’s like a really weird concept. A portion of it goes to charity, so that’s always good.’

justin bieber the grove 011110
justin bieber the grove 011110

  • christmascash

    I feel so bad for him. If he does one thing wrong, people are going to eat him alive saying he’s a bad Christian. It’s just something you should try to stray from in Hollywood cause people hold that against you.

  • bouncing wiff Miley.

    why is he always touching his dick?

  • daidvito

    Si lean la letra pequeña de este concurso de universal
    music, creo que se da a entender que se esta negociando que
    Bieber venga (por lo menos)a Bs.As.
    Aca les dejo el link (lean a lo ultimo del primer parrafo de la letra chica, donde dice lo de los premios)

  • shecantbetamed

    Justin is Jewish, not christian. His mom is jewish, which makes him jewish! Once your mom is, you are! No converting.

  • Jaymee__x

    okay, then…

  • itscaitlinx3


  • Dinoluverrr

    Ooo sexy ;D

  • caro0 cro0ssa

    ooh, gosh!, stop focusing on the pics, what do you guys care!!!, it’s non of your buisness! what matters is the text!! i mean it’s ok to look at the pics, but the pics are’nt the only thing that matters!!!

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  • bouncing wiff Miley.

    T-t-Touchin on my ***
    While I’m t-t-touchin on your ***

  • thefuturemrsnickjonas

    Wats up with that kid grabbin his junk?

  • _leena

    What an awesome picture :)

  • Sarcasm was always intended

    Is he like grabbing his dick lolwtf

  • itsprobablycuzyouthinkyourecoolerthanme

    haha love et ;).
    where the fuck is he touching in all of those pics?
    its not what i think is it? lmao

  • xRawwr

    Well he’s one sexy Christian

  • Sarcasm was always intended

    Lol he does this in like 90% of the pics

  • whatthefudge

    Take off those glasses & why is he all touchy touchy.

  • JustinBieberWarrior

    he says “you know” a lot.

  • Ameliayk8

    Justin is Jewish, not christian. His mom is jewish, which makes him jewish! Once your mom is, you are! No converting.
    Hes not jewish!!! LMAO
    his mom is the most religious christian you would ever meet.
    Shes sucha a religious christian.
    he said it in ihs book. and in the e news special he said his mom and him go to church whenever they can. and jews dont go to church, they go to the synaguage(sp?)

  • itsprobablycuzyouthinkyourecoolerthanme

    _leena said:

    What an awesome picture :)


    i love your icon;)

  • gabby xo

    ew. nice pics :/

  • maial24

    i love that photo xD

  • GabbersluvsJB

    He does so write his own songs… maybe not every single one of his songs, but he does have input! There are other bands out there that have integrity!! Does anybody on here know the band Good Charlotte?? Well yeah they write their own songs, they all play their own instruments.. so yeah. That’s pretty much all I have to say… but you don’t know if they WANT to put their name on everything, who knows… maybe it’s his producers or something… the Jonas Brothers write their own music, and play their own instruments, Justin plays piano, guitar and drums.. trumpet as well…. but anyways I think I’m gonna stop talking!
    I mean no hate at all what so ever!
    I just think Justin’s a good kid, and at times really funny! The Jonas Brothers as well! :P

  • TraceSTAN

    You are not a musician, you are a corporate shill selling nail polish and dolls. No bands have integrity anymore, they put their damn name on anything for a price.

  • omnonymous

    well DUHHH thats the first thing people are gonna notice when they see you!!! RME

  • Tick Tok


  • Tick Tok

    Stacey everyone is in the Demi post

  • omnonymous

    Tick Tok said:

    Stacey everyone is in the Demi post

    i know. i have tabs open

  • HoneyBee

    It looks like he’s JIZZED IN HIS PANTS (8)
    But love him <3

  • omnonymous


  • little misssunshinee

    he’s adorable.
    i love hiiim!!
    lololol about the nail polish
    line ima buy it
    but hahha!
    oyy those glasses are uglyyyyy….

  • Untouchable

    love justin but please take off those glasses