Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure TRAILER

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  • mypokerface

    idk if i’ll see. but LOL bout the part of the bed.

  • martinn94

    Funny how they can switch it to make her go from villain to hero.

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  • DontChargeMeForTheCrime

    looks dumb but i’ll only watch it for Ashley’s sexy ass XP

  • andrewpeter05


  • drob

    this bitch. nobody takes her seriously.

  • xRawwr

    Epp! Can’t wait! (:

  • xCookieMuffin


  • thedarksunshine

    “It’s a closet with a tongue!” haha, love that.

  • ZanessaxJoenessa

    Umm, she looks pretty.
    But dsnt look interesting.

  • FrancyJonasGomez

    I actually want to see this, i love Ashley Tisdale <3

  • tamiresr

    aaaah i wanna see this! love shar and ash tisdale (L)

  • jeffhardy