• tessa-skylar

    ahh nick dancing! anyone else see that?

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  • Kristeels

    To me, Ryan still looks hot (:

    Jonas Brothers <33

  • FightingDragons

    Nick’s face was priceless!
    “And if you are not serious, then you will have to get in the program. So.” :)
    And Ryan is still hot to me.

  • superJOEman

    Oh boy.. Joseph Adam, you just made my day! <3

  • superJOEman

    Oh boy.. Joseph Adam, you just made my day! <3

  • MeenuD

    Nicks face when Joe was singing. Hahahahahaha.

    I remember the days when no one knew who Ryan Sheckler was. Ahhh… I felt amazing when I knew who he was and no one else did.

  • djonasfan1

    this video is so cute. i love cambio

    1. nicks face when joe is singing= priceless
    2. joe when playing wii= down right sexy
    3. all kevins weird faces= adorible (ps. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEVIN. WE LOVE YOU.)
    4. nicks face when joe fixed the light= made me dye it was so cute
    5. when joe sayd “juan” (ps. i think that was the wig ashley wore for halloween)

  • pop ate my heart

    He used to look so much cuter..

  • VIVA glam

    umm why does nick have boobs? 02:48

    i love joe as ‘juan’ ahaha

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  • JoickBelongs

    LMAO @ Nick’s face when Joe was singing xD

  • ashleighx0

    when you are on tour you gotta be serious gotta focus on the stuff you gotta do if you mess up you will not be good gotta focus keep things real real good. <3

  • gottalent
  • gottalent


  • Anonymous18

    hello gottalent!!

  • StarLightSTARbright

    i used to love ryan sheckler
    those were the days :)