Would Cody Simpson DATE A FAN?

  • ilovecody143

    he is not coping justin bieber he is just doing his own thing and just happens to sound a littel like justin and i love them both the same

  • livelifelovewhatever

    he seems lik he’s coping justin

  • joejonasloveeeee1099

    Ok i love Justin Bieber but this guy is
    SOO much cuter.

  • Gearsarealwaysturning

    So glad I am not a fan.

  • CupcakezLover

    livelifelovewhatever said:

    he seems lik he’s coping justin
    I’m tired of the “The New Justin Bieber!” thing. I don’t need 3 Biebers, really now. Plus this kid is just annoying.

  • bluesfan3410

    He has fans…? I never really heard of the kid

  • NickJisHot

    Gearsarealwayst… said:

    So glad I am not a fan.

  • livelifelovewhatever

    he’s astralan right?

  • NomNomNickJonas

    Who is Cody Simpson?

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