Boo Boo Stewart went out to dinner with a girl that appears to be his new friend at Katsuya in Hollywood on Nov. 3. Sarah M and his sister Fivel were also there. PR Photos.

  • Raquel__

    Omg, even when he has a girlfriend, he brings his sister with him.

  • bestecyrus

    He’s so cute.
    And Sarah. -_-

  • ingridluvsu

    he’s cute
    she’s cute
    now the sister need to get herself a boyfriend

  • Blankes

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  • lisalo

    very cute

  • BangBang

    Everytime I see BooBoo Stewart I always see his sister. WHY?
    I can’t see my older brother and I doing everything together, that would be just weird!

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  • sanycar55

    omg hes so hot!!!!! finally his sister isnt hogging him like always

  • sanycar55

    i love boo boo stewart!

  • mileyluver15

    sarah smh

  • tatiana73

    shes cute but im so jealous i love boo boo stewart

  • Beautiful.Dirty.Rich

    SARAH and he looks so much older than the last time i saw a picture of him

  • tatiana73

    they look adorable together.

  • tatiana73

    they look adorable together.

  • iMystified

    They kinda look related O.o

  • sammy123

    OH MY GOSH I HAVE SEEN HER BEFORE AT ALOT OF HIS STUFF she’s pretty i thought they were just friends?????????????