Taylor Momsen ‘Freaked Out’ Partygoers


Taylor Momsen caused a commotion at a recent Versace party when she took over the DJ booth & played White Zombie’s ‘More Human Than Human,’ which opens with the sound of a woman climaxing. Guggenheim Museum organizers asked Taylor to select the playlist, and when the DJ refused to..

..play the song she took over the controls. Taylor, who has admitted to using a vibrator, told Revolver: ‘He walked out of the booth and I had full control of it. So I put it (song) on and it came cranking through the speakers at this big fashion party. Everyone was all freaked out.’

  • mypokerface

    I love her and her music.

  • dmimima

    Oh wow… so cool Taylor… I really believe this. Does she purposely try to be annoying or does she really think she’s cool? I can’t tell…

  • ellelovesjonas

    very gossip-girl-ish of you T.

  • loveeaguileraaaxox

    shes just stupid.

    and her music sucks

  • Moonbeam

    She would.

  • peacenlove

    OMG TAYLOR YOUR EYES ARE BLEEDING!!! D: oh wait no its your horrible make up….

  • angie2much

    I fail to see the point of all the commotion over this.

  • camm

    i really like her music and she has a great voice. but looking like, as my bff likes to say “a pile of shit”, basically just a hot mess is just weird. i mean, i wonder how her parents like her outfits and the things she says or does. i dont think the whole world needs to know that this 17 year old uses a vibrator. that is innapropriate. and flashing her boobs to her audience was rude and again innapropriate. i know she said she is the way she is because thats just her but i feel like you cant be all sunshine and rainbows one year and then all eff the world the next.

  • christmascash

    How anyone can find her appealing is beyond me.

  • CoinBears

    Not hard for Momsen to scare anyone by just looking like death rolled up on her.

  • bananapancakesplease

    Taylor. There is this really cool thing called integrity. Get some.

  • Dumm Blonnd

    There are these things called manners…. use them….

  • Anonymous

    everybody is complaining about miley growing up, her outfits and her behaviour but taylor isnt any better. she is worse!

  • mileysucks

    she has good taste in music

  • pop ate my heart

    Try harder Momsen.

  • Chelsea-Rose

    I actually like that song :S

  • misscherie13

    it’s not halloween anymore babe!

  • ColdAsU

    I seriously can’t stand her.Yeah,she has a good voice but a
    good voice isn’t good enough for me.

  • Rah Rah


  • _liesyoutold

    Yeah, Momsen… so hardcore -_-


    I really like her music

  • lauragxo

    haha she’s awesome

  • Pixita

    Night of the living dead

  • Lindsay


  • Sarcasm was always intended


  • hey_ash


  • omgitsjoejonas

    everything she does goes against everything i stand for, so i don’t know why shes my ultimate girl crush, LOL.