Jonas Brothers Your Biggest Fan Samba


Porto Alegra, Brazil pix from @laarii_m & @thaismartinsjb.

  • marinawashiski


  • LilaBabiuk


    so now they replace demi. they’re concern for her is astonishing.

    They didn’t replace Demi, I was on the concert in Rio… Jullie is a brazilian singer who also sings WCAT with Joe, but she sings Demi’s part in portuguese. NO ONE calls her The Brazilian Demi Lovato… she’s not even close the be Demi! And as far I know, she only sang in Rio… not anywhere!!!
    They did it to their fans … it was good to hear WCAT on the concert, even though Demi was not singing and it’s not the same without her!
    Demi wasn’t replaced!

    And their are doing one more concert in Argentina … Hate that place.. but anyway … soon they’ll be back for u luck americans!!! But Brazil wil be always in their heart!!!

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  • summer rain.

    this song makes me smile :)

  • hellodollface

    hey @nick<3miley
    shut up.
    this isnt a miley post and no one cares about his irrelevant opinion.
    mileys writing has nothing on nick and taylors. js.
    and idk who gunnar nelson is, nor do i gaf.

  • Nick?Miley

    So this was their last show?


    that’s what nick said

    Yes, 13 November in Argentina is their last show of the south/Latin American tour

  • SellyismygirlCrush

    OK all done now boys now you can get your cute buts to the studio please and make a GOOD album ALrIGHT?! ALRIGHT!

  • Nick?Miley


    Nick is a Jonas Brothers OK, and it’s a new of Jonas OK

  • hellodollface

    lol still thats completely irrelevant.
    youre just trying to annoy people who dont like miley.
    plus “gunnar nelson” isnt famous hahha
    his dad was a musician, hes irrelevant ;)

  • BangBang

    Please Joe Jonas sit down

  • Danger-ous
  • superJOEman
  • VIVA glam

    damn that’s a nice ass<3 haha i'm such a freak

  • taylenaluver

    BRAZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIL! OMG, they could dance samba, no? hahaha it will be awesome!
    But… It’s not “Porto Alegra”, the right is “Porto Alegre” :)))

  • Nick?Miley


  • jerseygirl

    No freaking idea what he is doing; but I adore him. Now let’s just end this trainwreck of a tour and bring these boys back to the U.S. <3

  • wavy


  • Rah Rah
  • suckit

    IT’S OVER :D

  • Rah Rah

    So this was their last show?

  • hellodollface

    im bored.
    did anyone notice that when they asked george bush about kanye he said “I am not a hater”
    lol that made my day, and i thought it couldnt get any better, til he goes “I do not hate Conway West”

  • iamthe0cean
  • Tick Tok
  • suckit

    So this was their last show?


    that’s what nick said.

  • Nick?Miley

    Gunnar Nelson of The Nelsons was asked a question about the Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus

    He said:

    The Jonas Brothers, do I care for their music? No, I don’t think they can sing for shit

    Taylor Swift can write better than she can sing, but she’s a really good writer, and we’ve got studio techniques that can make people sound their best in the studio.

    I really like Miley Cyrus’ voice, and she’s been writing since she was a little girl. I think the big surprise is gonna be Miley Cyrus; I think she’s going to prove that she’s the real deal.