Miley Cyrus Promoção #EuQueroSYM

More details HERE!

  • Twilightlover:)

    i just absolutely love miley!!!!!!?

  • milenator


  • taniele brazil

    haaaaaaaa estamos ficando muito popular kkkkk
    os atores de crepusculo estao no aqui gravando o filme amanhecer, os atores de velozes e furiosos 5 tb estao gravando no rio.os jonas estao fazendo shows da turne .
    esse mes teve shows da emily osmente akon ,eminem, black yes peas , a miley ta vindoooo

  • milenator


  • realistgangsta

    get it bb

  • LucyWhite


  • Nick?Miley

    so beautiful and cute

  • marinawashiski

    haha well, sym is a different way to say “sim” that means “yes” and it’s a female absorbents brand lol

  • Entertainmentlove

    yes i thought sym was milk sounds like a name for milk
    so to win the contest you need to use alot of milk thats wat i though

  • Arianna

    What about Italy? -.- She has never been here for concerts.

  • Entertainmentlove

    oh so SYM is not milk i thought i was milk

  • marinawashiski

    You thought sym was milk in portuguese or what? ROFL

  • aaliyahnoelle

    DNW hair extensions

  • marinawashiski


  • gomezlovatocyrus.

    anyone here?

  • paulamr

    and this is about Brazil, again hahahaha we are so popular

  • BangThatDrum

    so cute :)