Miranda Cosgrove Canceled Concert


Miranda Cosgrove has upset fans in Arizona after canceling a concert Tuesday due to a ‘scheduling conflict’, only to tweet about dining out at a restaurant when she was meant to be onstage.

Miranda was due to perform at the Arizona State Fair in Phoenix, but canceled citing conflicts in her schedule. When Miranda was supposed to be performing on stage she tweeted: ‘Sitting in my favorite French restaurant after 4 hours of French with my tutor.‘ She has since removed the posting.

  • camm

    maybe she really did have a schedule conflict and then had to tutor and then had a business meeting at the restaurant. hahah, we dont know but why does everyone just assume she blew off a concert to eat? i mean that sounds kinda ridiculous.

  • mego

    What the fuck I live in Arizona we have nothing to with the law and ya that law is messed up but if you lived here you would see the law makes scene in a way

  • starburstred182

    you guys are dumb lol what if she had something to do, just cause she was at a restaurant at the time doesnt mean she cancelled specifically for THAT. u dont know her life. naive idiots

  • Britt0928

    People who live outside of Arizona have no idea what the law entails or why it was put into place. Please do yourselves a favor and shut it.

  • asIF. . .

    Chelsea-Rose said:
    Four for you Glenn Coco, you go Glenn Coco!

  • pop ate my heart

    A Nickelodeon star acting bitchy? Color me surprised.

  • LifeLaughLOVE.

    not cool.

  • Entertainmentlove

    who cares she cant sing this is good she finally nows she cant sing

  • TraceSTAN

    Good, glad some teen star finally had the balls to say fuck you to Arizona and their racist laws. Any one that plays there should be ashamed.

  • 1roundnround3

    at first i was like WHAT A BITCH!! but now i get it! :] you go miranda! SCREW ARIZONA AND THEIR RACIST LAWS!! :

  • mileyluver15

    im sure it was more something complicated they didnt have the right securtiy stage and stuff for safety she wouldnt just blow off her fans unless theres seriously something wrong with her..

  • Ashleyy.

    Uhh, to the Arizona law comments,
    Alot of people in that state have nothing to do with that law, so people need to stop punishing them when they had nothing to do with itt.
    Jeez, get ovaa itt !

  • ColdAsU

    She picked food over fans?

  • EmmaLC

    So, I don’t agree with the Arizona law either, but canceling a scheduled concert (when you’re not sick/in distress) is just rude. It’s rude to the fans, and rude to the promoters.

    I never liked Miranda much anyway. After this, I know I don’t.

  • Anonymous


  • _liesyoutold


  • Oh SNAP


  • cantbetamed1

    Ahaha twitter is a life ruiner :P

  • Moonbeam

    Opsie daisy.

  • gottalent

    Awwww why?
    She’s really good though

  • asIF. . .

    cantbetamed1 said:
    Ahaha twitter is a life ruiner :P
    Regina George is a life ruiner :)
    Sorry, it reminded me of Mean Girls.

  • cantbetamed1

    Awh I love Mean Girls but didn’t even realise I was referencing it :P

  • DieMannschaft

    She lied to her fans?
    Bitchy much?

  • Allysonnn56

    Regina George is a life ruiner :)
    Sorry, it reminded me of Mean Girls
    This! Haha :)

  • Chelsea-Rose