Rihanna RED HAIR Christmas Lighting


Rihanna turns on the Westfield Christmas Lights in London, UK. PR Photos.

  • mypokerface

    I dont like her hair like that.

  • DieMannschaft

    I like her red hair,but not like that

  • dilemma


    what the hell has she done to herself ?
    she used to look gorgeous when she had that black hair

  • LifeLaughLOVE.

    the red hair is cool,
    but just not like that.

  • Anonymous

    i love her hair!! her black hair was lovely and glossy but the red is so quirky and different! Get the look with a high quality red

    Red hair not cool, but outfit… LOVE IT.

  • Pixita

    Hooker much?

  • live4zen

    I LOVE her red hair.