Zac Efron THE LUCKY ONE Set Pictures


Zac Efron is currently filming ‘The Lucky One’ adapted from a Nicholas Sparks book. Zac plays Sergeant Logan Thibault, a US Marine who returns home from the war and sets out to find the mystery woman whose picture he carries around as a good luck charm. Photos: New York Post, Warner Bros.

  • LittleCookie

    woah zac’s got GUNS!

  • Jasmin

    I love Nicholas Sparks, so Im definintly gonna watch this :) And FUCK MEE, Zac looks hot ! <3

  • urluvismydrugg


  • urluvismydrugg

    the book was cute, but i still don’t like the idea of him in this type of movie. hell i don’t like the idea of him having ANYTHING to do with Nicholas Sparks..that genre he needs to stay away from for a while

  • DiamondsAreForever

    Looking good! <3

  • hey. its me

    i can’t wait

  • xLOLAx

    Hot Damn…he’s looking sexy.

  • Gable16

    to be honest it doesn’t matter who plays the main role in this, glad it’s zac…but as long as studios keep making nichola’s books into movies, i’m happy. [=

  • fragilehearts.


  • Anonymous

    I don’t like who they picked as the female lead either. She’s too old! or maybe Zac’s too young? but either way. the lady & him is a no no

  • mileyluver15

    i cant wait for this moviE!!!

  • mileyluver15

    next taylor lautner needs to do a nicholas sparks movie

  • mileyluver15

    im just dissapointed in the female lead…
    its not who i would of picked

  • superJOEman

    hottie! I think, I am falling for Zac. ;)

  • ellelovesjonas

    *licks lips*
    he’s definitely eye candy. hrhrh

  • selenaaaforlife

    mmmmm YUMMY look at how big his arms are hes bulked up so much yummmmmmmm!!!!

  • SellyismygirlCrush

    SO gonna watch this :D

  • SellyismygirlCrush

    He’s to young to be playing him but ill let that slide.

  • SellyismygirlCrush

    1st 2nd 3rd?

  • suckit

    love Nicholas Sparks books.i’m gonna read before i watch though

  • SellyismygirlCrush

    Do.. I think it’s his best one. Besides the Notebook.

  • m

    is that the same truck from The Last Song? lol

  • its me.

    I’ve read the book and I love it! and I love Zac Efron too much <3 I am SO gonna watch this movie!

  • ilovepeacock

    NSparks is making ANOTHER movie? THE HELL?