Justin Bieber PRAY New Song

  • estephanie.

    ITS AMAZING!!!!!!!!

  • Blankes

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  • BangBang

    Like it

  • whatthefudge

    I was looking for the full version. It’s a really good song.

  • Phoebe

    Seriously can’t beever boy come up with a NEW album title? xD anyway I swear that boys needs to hit puberty, and a haircut:D

    JK He’s not THAT bad just don’t like all the attention he’s getting, he’s good, but there are def. better artists out there that deserve it more IMHO

  • HeckYesJonas

    its amazing! omg i love the lyrics :’) <3 i think its gonna be one of my favorites <3 :D

  • Rah Rah

    What is the song about? I can’t see the video.

  • Tick Tok


  • xSweetCandyxx

    Amazing.Love it =)

  • Shana Doodee Minaj

    props to my baby, beliebers are gonna go crazy.I love the the lyrics omg tell em ,thank you i needed that

  • livelifelovewhatever

    wow this song is so amazing and beyond beautiful i love justin so much he has such a good heart fan forever <3

  • LucyWhite

    (Just saying what I think, so chill)
    This song is quite nice. But praying won’t help you.. volunteer, donate, travel – you’ve got plenty of money Bieber :)