oceanUP Halloween FAN ART WINNERS


3rd place Pretty Little Liars, 2nd place Selena Bon Appetit, 1st place Joe Jonas Drama. Winners please email oceanupped@ gmail.com with your full name & attach your winning entry :] Thanks to ALL who entered! Results HERE.

  • picstoburn

    the joe jonas one is funny. lol glad it won.

  • juicebx

    the Pll one is awesome ! except Taylor shoudn’t be fierce hbic Hannah.

    & omg today has really sucked :'(

  • juicebx

    great icon !

  • skyebird

    the joe jonas one is funny. lol glad it won.

    your icon! i seriously just watched that movie the other day… O.O

  • Live?Laugh?DanceForever?

    Wait can someone give me a link to the one with Demi shooting Joe? I didn’t see that?

  • SimplyCT

    lol. these are actually pretty good. xD

  • teamnobody

    wth oceanup as much as i love selena i went back and saw there were more art thingys that had more votes /:than hers ………….either way i think the one where joe says i see taylor should have one 2nd or 3rd place!~

  • ilovepeacock

    Well, there’s nothing Halloween about PLL poster or the Joe Jonas one.

  • DavidArchiefan

    I wanted the PLL one to win

  • xKittyXD

    LMAO. Selena, Demi, Taylor, And Miley :P

  • JB rocks my socks

    1st one was a must …..but the other two …really?
    I mean they’re nice but I saw some that surpassed the other 2.

  • JB rocks my socks

    haha ok actually the Joe one is good once u look into the binoculars

  • superJOEman

    oh boy.. Joe’s girls…………

  • livelifelovewhatever

    i love the pretty little liars one,<3

  • mileyluver15

    i didnt think thoes three were the best…instresting choices

  • mileyluver15

    demi would be the lesbian

  • mileyluver15

    miley should of been aria personally because she goes after older guys way older guys

  • Shana Doodee Minaj

    pretty coool.The PLL is extra except the fact that Demi’s face look like nothin’s changed ,like they keep the real character of the movie & didn’t repalced.IMO selena’s face look big in there and much older but i like it anyway , gooooooood job

  • rainbow3000

    To be honest that other chick looks like Vanessa Hudgens not Demi. It can be confusing cos both have ass as a chin.

  • StoryOfUs

    The Pretty Little Liars one is clearly the best.

  • ilovepeacock

    How even participated in these things…?

  • thedarksunshine

    The PLL one is really good except Selena looks kinda weird. XD

  • PeaceLoveGomez

    i actually thought selena looked the most real and not just cuz shes amazing :)

  • deepthroat

    I never saw the Pretty Little Liars one, ahhhh oh well.

  • picstoburn

    these are cute ngl.

  • peacelovehearts

    These are hilarious xD

  • sophieee

    wavy said:
    i liked the one where demi shot joe lmaoo too bad it didnt win
    me too lol

  • Anonymous25

    yeahh the Jonas’s ex-gfs lol

  • gabby xo

    wow. the pretty little liars one is so cool. i didnt even realize it was taylor, selena demi and miley until i looked really close. very cool!

  • madiabulafia

    I loved the Friends one.

  • HBIC

    LMAO Neurogasm.

    I looove the PLL one. It’s very well done!

  • Sparks.Fly

    I really liked the Pretty Little Liars one. Too bad it didn’t win first prize.

    No offense but, the Selena one? (the second place) Please. What’s so special about that one?

  • Rah Rah

    I really like the PLL one.

  • wavy

    i liked the one where demi shot joe lmaoo too bad it didnt win