Disney’s China McClain And Madison High


Disney Channel has greenlighted live-action comedy series ‘Ant Farm‘ starring China McClain, 12, reports ABC: Middle schooler Chyna Sparks, a musical prodigy who gets into a gifted program called Accelerated Natural Talent at the local high school. Along with her fellow ‘ANTs,’ she must navigate the halls of a new school of older kids who are not fond of grade-skipping newbies.

Disney Channel is fast-tracking ‘Madison High’, described as its most ambitious series yet, reports Deadline: Just like High School Musical, Madison High employs the break-into-song-and-dance format to tell the stories about 11-16 year-olds navigating the school social hierarchy.

It is set at Madison High, which is trying to build a revolutionary theatre program, and follows a pool of students who, by the end of the year, will have produced an original piece based on their lives.

  • Just Dream.

    Boring, again. *First

  • Risahx

    What ever happened to boy meets world and saved by the bell? Why does everything have to be about singing and dancing and getting famous. Not everyone want’s that…

  • kattt.

    Madison High could be a good show if it was done on any other channel and had a really good cast/crew.
    But, since it’s Disney, it’ll be a flop.
    Disney is good and all, but they get too ambitious with their shows and they always turn out awful.

  • CupcakezLover

    Ant Farm reminds me of Victorious and basically all the other shows about “singing”. Madison High sounds way too much like HSM3. Sounds like an excuse to make extra money by releasing an album. She has a good voice though.

  • Overprotected2

    ughhh disney ur killing me! can we just have normal kids who can’t sing and dance!

  • lalalove

    No one cares…

  • StoryOfUs

    Is this that girl who made part of Hannah Montana? Whatever

  • Sarcasm

    wasn’t there a show called Smart Kid starring Tahj Mowry that’s similar to this?