Kellan Lutz RIPPED


Heavily muscled Twilight stud Kellan Lutz working out in Van Nuys.

  • TeamTwilight

    Why you guys hating ? This site is full of bully’s.

  • Dont Judge

    This is when fat meets muscle. He should of lost the weight before working out. But oh well. He still got a decent face ;)

  • ellelovesjonas

    I would Not recognize him on a street. But he’s hot.

  • Just Dream.

    Boring. *First. ;)


    iPod shuffle?

  • lalalove


  • rainbow3000

    Oh my Kellan <3

  • rainbow3000

    Bet he can life, swing, throw me as he wishes ;)

  • rainbow3000


  • StoryOfUs


  • TeamTwilight

    Really ? I bet you like Justin Little Bieber.