Demi Lovato FINAL Meet & Greet Photo


One of Demi‘s FINAL meet & greet pictures before breakdown. Thx Santiago!

Demi is doing great according to her Myspace!

  • taylorllama

    is one of her teeth red?

  • Clauber

    The thing with this gurl is that she thinks she is fat and she is NOT. she is a normal girl and a pretty girl that is blessed with all this bullshit of Disney and she just get sick for stupid stuff!

  • taniele brazil

    end because she is not dead. demi will bounce back I believe!

  • Britini95

    I’m sure that Demi’s new Twitter is fake. I think the whole reason she deleted it was to start her treament process on how to deal with bullying. She is dealing with bullying, and I’m sure she felt bullyied by what people say on the internet (twitter, gossip sites) was a huge problem for her. She has to learn to avoid the internet since what people say obviously effect her. I don’t think she’ll ever go back on twitter or maybe she will after treament. Plus, I don’t think they would let her Tweet from the treatment facility.

  • Britini95

    People keep taking advantage of Demi going to rehab to start the worse type of rumors. I hope she’s actully doing okay (of course her PR team is going to say she is doing well)Wishing her well :)

  • D.e.e.

    she is ammmazing

  • xSweetCandyxx

    She looks happy in that picture.Feel better soon Demi <3

  • superJOEman

    She looks really happy on the picture.. :))

  • ADUBLove

    dangg OU. way to make her sound like shes dead

  • dearstephh

    she didn’t die. but she is amazing <33.

  • dearstephh

    isn’t that the guy on her twitpic? xD. from her car when it was like raining or something? :P

  • unique

    she’s really pretty… i miss u demetria!! pls come back soon and make an amazing music.

  • FrancyJonasGomez

    She is so pretty..

  • reachforanydreamx

    she’s so happy & lovely{: but seriously, FINAL MEET & GREET? she’ll be doing hundreds of them when she’s out of that treatment center. she didn’t die.. -.-
    love you demi <3

  • Ilovenicholasjonas.

    That’s a really cute picture:) Love you Demi!

  • mypokerface

    Demi Lovato FINAL Meet & Greet Photo

    OH MY GOD, DEMI DIED ? because i read FINAL. omg omg omg, i’m crying, omg. i’m wearing black for respect her soul. HELLO, demi will back soon, stop acting like she’s dead. okay,i’m just kidding, i hope she’s well. LoveDemi <3~

  • mileyistheboss

    I never knew demi died her “final” meet and greet

  • thedarksunshine

    She looks so pretty and happy.
    At least her twitter is back! :)

  • lollipop1

    its not like she’s dead -___-

  • urluvismydrugg

    stop acting like she died. my god. it’s really pathetic.

  • thedullblade

    u guys r idiots they mean her FINAL meet in greet becuz she is out of the tour and wont be coming bak anytime soon to return.

  • BieberForLife

    Your totally right =)

  • FlyWithMe_x

    She looks so happy here! You wouldn’t believe she was suffering at all!

    ‘Its amazing what you can hide, just by putting on a smile’

  • ellelovesjonas

    “When the walls come crashing down[..].
    ’cause all you need to save me is to intervene and make the walls come crashing down.”

    Demi Lovato=Love.

  • asIF. . .

    GOSH, it’s not like she died or anything. . .
    She’ll be back soon enough.

  • dilemma

    she looks so cute :) I hope she’s doing fine
    and my god oceanup why do you make it sound like she’s dead -_- ?

  • blabla

    that’s a really cute picture :D

  • blabla

    that’s a really cute picture :D

  • EvaSnow

    asIF. . . said:

    GOSH, it’s not like she died or anything. . .
    She’ll be back soon enough.
    Yeah everyone pretends like she’s dead.. It’s really annoying.

  • Gearsarealwaysturning

    LMAO “FINAL” like demi is dead. Dude she is just in rehab. Wish her the est and all but lets get over it and talk bout something else x

  • Rainey

    Is she back on Twitter? Everybody is saying she is. But her account isn’t working on my computer.

  • Maddiie

    Well i can see the twitter right now. But apparently some are seeing it some aren’t seeing it.