Jasmine Sagginario Knock Knock VIDEO

  • HBIC

    I’ve never heard of her. She has a strong voice, but I didn’t like the song or the video. A lot of videos look the same these days :\

  • StoryOfUs


  • ImNotAnnoying2.0

    She looks like Bieber.
    The video reminds me too much of Baby…you know what this shit means.

  • Anonymous

    is it just me or does this sound like a song that beiber would sing..?

  • Ellie

    shes like bffs with jasmine v jessica jarrell and justin bieber! i saw all of them at justin’s concert in nashville, you rock jasmine!!

  • Anonymous

    love it! i heard shes dating justin bieber lol shes so pretty!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I think her and jasmine v should do a song together!! they both are so beautiful, latino and awsome

  • Anonymous

    who the fuck does she think she is
    Jasmine is super fucking ugly
    and not talented she cant sing I cant hear anything but autotune, and I just love how Everyone has to bash Miley…..MILEY CYRUS IS GODLY FOREVER CYRUS<3

  • thedarksunshine

    The guys are ugly. -.-

  • Afterglow

    I always got her and Jasmine V. mixed up. Oops haha
    abywho, cute song : )

  • pop ate my heart

    She sounds okay, but the Music Video was bad.

  • gingerrx.

    who is she? ahaha, song fits in the style of today, i guess..

  • mattjac0bs

    whose this hottie?

  • asIF. . .

    Why does her name sound so familiar?

  • asIF. . .

    hahaha . . . roller rink LOL
    The video is kind of 90s looking.
    Anyone else see that?

  • NickySellyBear

    she sounds like justin bieber

  • VIVA glam

    she’s pretty but too much makeup. what a lame song and vdeo. it’s like something biebs would do

  • fuck yeah neviah

    who’s she?