Taylor Swift BBC RADIO 1 TEEN Awards

Jake Gyllenhaal spent £100,000 whisking Taylor Swift from America to the UK on a private jet, reports The Sun. She flew in to Luton on Friday, then they locked themselves away until yesterday in Jake’s London hotel suite at The Dorchester. Tay played the first ever Radio 1 Teen Awards, but she jetted in early to see Jake.

A source said: ‘Jake wanted some quality time with Taylor. If he hadn’t done this, they would have missed each other as he had to fly back to the States. He hired a jet which would easily have set him back £100,000.’

  • cantbetamed1

    That’s so cute :D Jake is a sweetheart.I hope Taylor isn’t too harsh in her songs if they break up :P

  • idontkno

    Has anyone else ever thought that her backup singer Liz looks like a brown haired Tiffany Thorton?

  • Betterthanrevenge

    You are all so stupid to think that she doesn’t deserve him because she’s not as famous as him. Do you really think that people starts dating just like “oh my, you are famous! so do we start dating?” “i don’t know, have to see if your fame statue deserves mine” Oh please, don’t you know love or something like? Stop believing that celebrities are all material, YOU are the material one.

  • Afterglow

    I’d rather have him be with Anne Hathaway.

  • StoryOfUs


  • StoryOfUs

    Cute <3

  • PaaperPlanes

    “then they locked themselves away until yesterday in Jake’s London hotel suite at The Dorchester.”
    Haha, somehow I can’t imagine Taylor in that situation.

  • sdmforever

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  • ColdAsU

    Taylor has him wrapped around her finger!

  • andrewpeter05

    what does your icon say?

  • xSweetCandyxx

    They are adorable together =)

  • granger

    jake deserves better

  • ColdAsU

    “Taylor said he would talk to Taylor for me and now he is.I don’t know how Selena can hate him,he’s such a good….SLUT!”

  • Dont Judge

    Of course he deserves better. I mean she is pretty and seems nice enough. But do not forget his statues. He is quiet easily an A lister. She is famous, but nothing like him. He is a well respected movie star. A really bad move from him, he shouldnt go down the ladder and should upgrade.