David Archuleta I’M IN MANILA

  • Anonymous

    i love his VBLOGS!!! it really awseome that david is at his girlfriend charice’s hometown but to bad that she is in los angeles recording her new songs for her second album and he will be with her on this sunday at the grove tree lighting in los angeles.

  • superJOEman

    Welcome back David!! Your Filipino fans love you soooo much!!! He looks super adorable on this vblog. “SAH-LAMAT” ^^

  • :)

    PHILLIPINES REPRESENT! ahahaha love you

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  • MyLovato

    aww <3 he’s soooo cute!:) ?

  • Anonymous

    Yes,he is sweet. People who have known him for years will Lso tell you that he is the best. Love him.

  • lollipop1
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  • lollipop1
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  • BonusJonas

    I hope David and Demi tour together again. Their tour last summer was EPIC.

  • idkMyBFFjill

    Aw, he’s always so nervous

  • fuck yeah neviah

    davidddddd <3

  • Anonymous

    God. he is so sweet. the way he talks and the way he smiles and looks around in videos is adorable <3

  • Anonymous

    UM he looks really hot in this vlog…

    his new album is sooo good actually, I’m surprised how much I love every song.


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