Noah Cyrus, ‘I Got A New Horse!’


  • Ans(:

    That’s not her new horse… Haha. That’s the horse she’s had for a while now. I know that because I see her at shows a lot and that’s the one she’s always on.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, the person above is right….those pictures aren’t of her new one….they’re of comet who she’s been riding all year.

  • Noraa15

    i’m sorry, but she has horrible equitation. girl, please bend your elbows, lower yur chest,ur head upp.
    BTW, is OceanUp not letting anyone else sign in..?

  • Anonymous

    i meant to say pick your head up… goddamn you computer..

  • Anonymous

    trace has gotten soooo pale lol..

  • realistgangsta

    good for you noah and you bitches are going to come out with some ugly kids for talking about people kids like that

  • fuck yeah neviah


    disb*tch gets a horse. where’s my pony? i asked for it 12 years ago.

  • Anonymous

    Aww that is a gorgeous pony! Noah is such a lucky girl!

  • MileyJonas

    Cool.. I love horses and that’s a pretty one

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  • camm

    somba gracious! hahahaha, what a sick name!

  • Anonymous

    shouldn’t she become a better rider before she gets ANOTHER horse? just coz shes famous “/ :L

  • hotlikemexico

    Did the Cyrus’s have a kid we don’t know about?

  • TraceSTAN

    Did miley dye her hair white?

  • SavvySays


  • Anonymous

    Nov 16, 2010 @ 12:19 pm
    TraceSTAN said:

    Did miley dye her hair white?


  • JocelynGeee

    Indian Horse Rider

  • BangThatDrum

    Aaaw that’s a beautiful new horse=]

  • Entertainmentlove

    what is a noah cyrus ?
    is it wet blanket in the morning.
    is it a boy or a girl
    is it that annoying fat lady
    or is it a omg cat
    you tell me

  • Pawesome

    Bahahaha :D

  • picstoburn

    nice to see trace and noah hanging out for once,no im totally kidding :p

  • Anonymous


  • Chelsea-Rose

    I don’t even have an old horse.

  • TraceSTAN

    picstoburn said:

    nice to see trace and noah hanging out for once,no im totally kidding :p