Disney Channel PROM Official Trailer

  • whatthefudge

    Nov 18, 2010 @ 05:01 pm
    Anonymous said:

    I’m a senior and I have prom this year and this looks like a good movie but i think they hype up prom way to much its not a big deal at all my friend went last year and said its sucked


    I agree, prom is way to hyped up. People go all out and sometimes it ends up being crappy. There are other things bigger than prom.

  • Ashleyy.

    Haa aww this looks good.
    I shall go see itt !

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  • ADUBLove

    whats the song at the end

  • kvdgelozux

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  • CatchMeIfYouCan

    Looks like that show “My Generation”

  • Anonymous
  • whatthefudge

    Wow this is from disney?
    It actually looks good.

  • jackie.r.

    it looks cute. (:
    that one guy reminds me of steven strait
    in sky high, except steven a million times
    hotter, of course. ;P

  • ImNotAnnoying2.0

    Looks good.
    But it’s not Disney Channel, it’s just plain Disney.
    Just like Pirates of the Caribbean, it’s Disney, not Disney Channel.

  • xxBubblzzxx

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  • Mahima

    the guys with the long hair looks like heath ledger.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a senior and I have prom this year and this looks like a good movie but i think they hype up prom way to much its not a big deal at all my friend went last year and said its sucked

  • lollipop1

    it…actually….looks…goood :P

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  • Anonymous

    Looks like a good movie, might be a bit restricted because it’s disney. Also has anyone noticed that disney has been trying to be a bit more teen friendly or is it just me.

  • Anonymous

    it’s not going to be bloody restricted

  • Anonymous


  • allsfairinloveX3

    Prom…….. Prom


  • peacelove

    the videos wrong you only wait 2 years not years for prom because most schools have junior and senior year proms. also, homecoming is like prep for prom for freshmen and sophomores. luckly im only a sophomore myself so i don’t have to worry about prom just yet!

  • BrokenBlackKeys

    Ooooh, looks interesting…

  • Anonymous

    awh this is what shows SHOULD be about.

  • diane n.

    its not a disney channel movie, its actually a walt disney movie that will be released in theaters in april.

  • Anonymous

    ummmmm regular teen movie about drama..romance..highschool.. and prom. i will pass! this does not seem like a disney movie….. look whos burting the mickey mouse buble!* sarcasme anyway the movie looks chezzy…. hate all u want thats my opinion and i felt like sharing it because unforch i have nothing to do with myself right now except hw….. yup that why some people r bitches cause they have nothing to do with themselves….. like me right now. :P haha i am not usually this big a do nothing live with my mom till i am 42!

  • Anonymous

    jk 42 isnt old really if u think aboout it…. :)

  • diane n.

    im so excited to be able to go to my schools prom this year! :)

  • EmmaLC

    Uhm, this isn’t Disney Channel. It’s a legit Walt Disney Pictures movie, by the looks of it.

    Oh, and it looks surprisingly good.

  • Anonymous

    I love how they didn’t use any famous people.
    I’m actually excited.

  • Anonymous

    looks good :)

  • CupcakezLover

    I saw this trailer on E! Network and I didn’t even know it was Disney.

  • Anonymous

    I’m from New Zealand and that song made me so proud the songs called young blood by the naked and famous and they are a nz band!!! :))

  • taylorllama

    me likey.

  • Anonymous

    Nicholas Braun is actually a really good actor. He’s too good for Disney

  • lwynvfj

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  • Anonymous

    This looks to good to be Disney :o

    It looks like something they would have made in the 90’s or something :) Might watch it

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  • Nikoo

    This looks actually decent for Disney, plus that one African-American dude from Mackenzie Falls (Trevor)/Sonny with a Chance is in it :)

  • Anonymous

    It’s the girl from Friday Night Lights! I lovee her! And Nicholas Braun of course :) The dude with the long hair is really attractive….

  • never change

    looks good

  • HayleyBee

    I actually thought that looked almost… entertaining.
    Right on.

  • cantbetamed1

    haha like it :)

  • Anonymous

    i didnt even watch dis shit

  • suckit

    i wanna see it,but it reminds me of 10 things i hate about,except it’s better looking

  • WakaWakaEhEh

    This actually looks.. good :P

  • Anonymous

    Speaking of PROMS, I enjoyed the after party more than i enjoyed my prom. But i still have two more years so lets see how that goes!!!

  • emily

    wow. this actually looks good!

  • Anonimuss2.Oh

    Looks cute :)
    I’m down.

  • Anonymous

    This definately doesnt look like a disney movie. jeez. but anyways, yay. anons are back!

  • ADUBLove

    see this is what shows should be about highschool cuz everyone knows nothings better than high school now this i wanna see cuz it i can actualyl relate to it cuz ihave prom this year.

  • dmimima

    I went to prom my freshmen year because the guy I was dated was a senior… And seriously it wasn’t all that great ha. I mean it was cool, but honestly it was more fun getting ready and picking out my dress for prom then the actual prom… Maybe my senior prom will be better, but the one I went to last year was pretty lame.

    Anyway the movie looks cute. Pretty cliche, but what else could you expect from a Disney movie.

  • Anonymous

    This doesn’t look very disney, but it looks legit.

  • DieMannschaft

    It looks like a shitty movie to me.
    Not gonna bother watching it

  • Anonymous

    Wow is everyone on this website 12? It looks like on of those shitty movies about waiting your whole life for a simple dance. It looks like crap

  • angie2much

    What? Disney actually came up with an original idea for a movie? QUICK CALL THE COPS! LOL!

    This looks like the kind of films Disney used to put back out in the 90’s. Back when Disney wasn’t all about Staying a virgin until ur married and getting small kids to Hollywood as singers, dancers, and actors.

    Gosh I miss the old Disney