Paramore PLAYING GOD Music Video

  • ParaHEAD

    Jeremy is H-O-T HOT! love him! love her hair! This video is AWESOME!

  • HayleyBee

    Hayley does Gaga better than Gaga does.

  • skyebird

    i love how they’re channeling no doubt’s video in this along with gaga, but still making it their own.

  • paraHEAD

    Paramore had this close to break up fight last year. Basically what this is talking about is Hayley’s point of view of the fight. I believe playing god is kind of her way of say that, that person always thinks he’s right and she’s always the one in the wrong. “pointing fingers” “Saying that SHE’S the one that’s changing”

    The video IMO is what Hayley wish she could do tie the boys up and just tell them how she is really feeling, and look at them under a “magnifying glass” as they’ve done her. but at the same she feels guilty about what she’s done during their fight too.

  • -Parawhore-

    1. Paramore will always be the best to me
    2. Hayley Looks beautiful with any hair color,
    Last I can’t stop watching this video<3 I feel bad for the replay button (:

  • mandy.otero.JONAS

    hell yeah! i really liked this song ;)

  • Anonymous

    Taylor Benjamin York<3
    Zachary Wayne Farro<3
    Jeremy Clayton Davis<3
    Joshua Neil Farro<3
    Hayley Nichole Williams<3
    THEY ARE PARAMORE!!!<333333

  • Allysonnn56

    This was amazing <3

  • Anonymous

    what are they trying to say in this song/video. i love paramore but im having trouble figuring it out

  • ParamoreJunkie

    I am a HUGE Paramore fan, and I absolutely loved this video! <3 It’s so amazing and creative, and definitely conveys the message of the song. I’ve seen this video more times than I can count! Rock on Paramore! \m/

  • Anonymous

    loooove paramore!!!!!!! this song and clip are amazing

  • summer.t

    I’ve always been and will always be a Paramore fan. They are just so awesome. And HAYLEY WILLIAMS IS JUST TOO BEAUTIFUL. She’s adorable in every way.

  • FallenAngel23

    Ive heard the song but not the clip its different

  • @abygirla19


  • @abygirla19


  • hithere

    fucking loooooooooooooooooooove

  • Ashleyy.

    Ahh , love love love<3 Paramore is wonderfull.

  • Anonymous

    fuck yeah the annons are baack!! Freakin love this music video!! Paramore <3
    a little too late ou?

  • Anonymous

    ha and I was the fuckin first!!! ;p cuz I rock like thaat

  • Anonymous

    Bored so I’m gonna spam :) I’m so pissed cuz my mom is not leting me go to Rock In Rio next year :/

  • Britini95

    Why not? Are you too young to go or something like that?

  • Anonymous

    I’m starting to think that no one will ever coment on this…and if they get annoyed IDGAF bitchees

  • Zohra

    Yeaah I saaw that they would like do like ” telephone ” it’s so funny x)

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha i loved the video reference of “telephone” music video.
    Hayley looks so cute in here.

  • Anonymous

    wow, two post involved w/ PARAMORE all in one day, more more MORE please :)

  • Britini95

    Love it! Everything Paramore does is pure gold :)

    I like the pinkish red of Hayley’s hair, too. I think she looks best with orange hair, the blonde was really cute too!

  • Anonymous

    PARAMORE!! :) loved it! saw them live on monday one of the best days of my life:)

  • Anonymous

    i love this video ! hayley looks amazing btw :)