Raven The Great State Of Georgia PILOT

Raven Symone is starring in an ABC Family comedy pilot The Great State Of Georgia, reports Deadline. The show centers on Georgia (Raven), an exuberant curvy performer from the South who is trying to make it big as an actress in New York City. Also cast is Brock Cuchna as Georgia’s Southern ex-boyfriend who, still madly in love with her, comes to New York to bring her back home.

  • BelieveInOreos


  • Anonymous

    good on her! she looks fantastic :) i will so watch this show.

  • Anonymous

    she’s not as fat as before!

  • Britini95

    She’s really great, can’t wait to see her back on T.V!

  • HiddenSmile

    Has she lost weight! :) She was always stunning. I miss the old disney stars.

  • Anonymous

    It’s weird. When you ask one group the old Disney stars are from 1995. When you ask another they are from the 2000-2001 or something. And then the other says 2002-4. (my numbers are off, I know but you get the idea)

  • Tina850

    hey ur the phsyco girl that was defending fat ppl for ur life lol i recognized ur obese icon hahahaha ewwwwww!!!!!!!! btw raven looks like a gorilla

  • Anonymous

    she lost so much weighttt!!!!!

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  • marissababyxo

    OMG she’s lost weight! She looks stunning!! I loved loved loved That’s So Raven. That is my ALL TIME favorite Disney show. I love Miley and all, but Raven is the true Disney queen! <3