David Henrie Christ Brown US Weekly Hot


@ US Weekly’s Hot Hollywood ‘Stars Who Care’ @ The Colony in LA. PR Photos.

+ Ke$ha looking flawless!


  • CBreezylover

    WTF is christ brown omg lol

  • Infatuation

    CHRIST Brown.. LMAO!

  • xLuckyStar

    Ke$ha sort you’re life out, fool.

  • Anonymous

    um im not coming to this website anymore u are so judgemental his name is chris brown…Christ is our lord. not only are you making fun of chris but Jesus to. you will see what happens to you guys on judgment day.

  • Anonymous34562

    Lol, for a second I thought I was on ONTD..

  • Anonymous

    i love Ke$ha!(:
    may i say her shoes are AWESOME! :D

  • Anonymous

    LOL!! CHRIST BROWN?! lmao KE$HA looks WERID?! DAVID, UGG!!!!

  • whatthefudge

    Christ brown? LOL
    WOW ke$ha

  • Blankets

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  • JonasFireworks

    Hahaha, after Miley Christ, its Christ Brown..Ocean up, please correct the typo.

  • Anonymous

    It’s the drugs. They took a toll on his face. Got a Mickey rourke thing going on now. haven’t shrunk his nose though.

  • Anonymous

    uhhhhh oceanup
    last time i checked his name was CHRIS brown. not CHRIST brown

  • Hollieluvsux

    David lost his hotness :(

  • Anonymous

    You mean he’s not taking care of himself (or aged) or you yourself aren’t attracted to him anymore?

  • deeeeee


  • milenator

    LMFAO at ke$ha XD

  • Anonymous

    Hollieluvsux said:

    David lost his hotness :(

    How could you say it? He’ll always be hot :O

  • Anonymous

    David’s nose is satrring in a remake of ‘From here to Eternity’

  • NFG

    “Christ” Brown Oceanup? Fail, Lmao.

  • pocketfullofdreams

    lmao Christ Brown ;)