Mindless Behavior Justin Bieber Openers

  • Anonymous

    They performed at my school one time, they are so adorable. And they can dance and has serious swag.

  • Anonymous

    I saw them on BET

  • THEAnon

    OMFG<3 NO FREAKING WAY! I LOVE THEM! Roc Royaal Can HOLLLAAAA When He’s 16 ;)))

    i GOTTA Go See Justin Again!!!!

  • Blankets

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  • Anonymous

    Who are these little kiddies..? xD Never heard of them beforee

  • BelieveInOreos

    They remoind me of Cody Simpson in their sound, oh and the whole 143 thing! lmao

  • Anonymous

    awesome like never heard 4real of mindless behavior but they sound gud omb their so lucky 4 goin with my 1 & only idol jb on tour aww

  • Just Dream.

    Wow!I’m first ;)

  • Anonymous

    so true they hav a swag and dance moves that r amazing

  • BangBang

    They look so small ahah!
    But those boys can dance!!

  • Kaitlandx

    Don’t know them, but they look & sound a whole lot better than Burnham.

    (Does anyone else think Burnham are the younger versions of Jonas Brothers? & God knows we don’t need more Jonas Brothers…)

  • xLuckyStar

    Okay, that weird ant looking one needs to cut his hair fo’ real.

  • realistgangsta

    everybody know princeton is the cuties one

  • Anonymous

    they’re better than the act they’re opening for…