Francia Raisa, ‘Demi Is Doing Really Well’

  • Liz.

    I’m trying to figure how exactly Francia knows about or knows Demi, like I know it’s a big incest circle among Disney & ABC Family but… :/

  • ColdAsU

    Almost everybody
    knows about Demi.She’s getting tons of notice now because she has issues that some people knew about and they finally got confirmed

  • ilovepeacock

    Does Fracia need to be pictured with Demi for you guys to believe that they know each other? SHUTUP. You guys sound so dumb.

  • Anonymous


  • w

    Liz. said:
    I’m trying to figure how exactly Francia knows about or knows Demi, like I know it’s a big incest circle among Disney & ABC Family but… :/
    Francia’s actually good friends with Selena, Samantha Droke, Tiffany Thorton, David Henrie, etc.

  • wavy

    shes the only reason i watch secret life…and ashley all the other characters are sooo annoying and i swear to god if someone else get prego im slammin my tv

  • w

    Omg Adrienne <3
    Her and Ricky are the only reason I watch that travesty.

  • Anonymous

    samantha droke and carlos were holding hands.
    she needs to back off, seriously.

  • Ashleyy.

    Didn’t know they knew each other, hhaa.

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  • Anonymous

    Brandon, Francia, Sam, and David are all really close friends. Brandon and Demi are close because of Sonny With A Chance. David and Demi are close because of her past friendship with Selena. I think they all pretty much run in the same circles.

  • Taylor_Betts

    How would she even know!!!

  • asmoothcriminal

    She was at the Trey Songz/Usher concert with Selena Gomez last night. For those of you who don’t know who she is, she’s in the Secret Life, and is friends with Selena.

  • PaaperPlanes

    I don’t think I really care about Demi anymore.

  • Anonymous

    You obviously do. I don’t see you giving a shit about Julio Iglesias or Matt LeBlanc or Julia Roberts. I just see you in a Demi post. :p

  • Entertainmentlove

    oke we get it she is doing well stop. i know

  • Anonymous

    Not everyone has watched almost every “how is Demi doing” Q/A like you :p

  • DavidArchiefan

    Good for her

  • Anonymous

    Wy do people have to be so negative? If you dont care dont comment. You should be happy shes getting help.


  • hithere

    love demi. but how would she know about demi?

  • Anonymous

    ahhh Samantha Droke and Carlos were holding hands!!! I hope their not going out

  • Ali

    I knoww Samantha gets on my nerves! ugh

  • Ammmyyyy

    how is she supposed to know? its not like she’s Demi’s BFF!

  • Anonymous

    You don’t know how stars know each other. More than once I’ve been surprised.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares? I’m sick of hearing about Demi.