Taylor Momsen Kraft Singles Commercial

  • Anonymous

    That is so cute (:

  • Anonymous

    I love her

  • MileyJonas

    She was really cute!!
    and I mean W A S.

  • Anonymous

    God, she was SO cute as a kid. what the hell happened

  • Anonymous

    So much drama in thous big blue eyes of hers. I love that she is finally doing something that she wants to do.

  • whatthefudge

    LOL after the last line she just stares at the camera and there is music playing. She was so cute and i love her eyes and she’s not scary!

  • Recidivist

    I don’t mean to be mean, but she was kind of a chubby kid…

  • Anonymous

    she really is a beautiful girl and it is her choice as to what she does with her life. we want to make sure she makes the right choices and not hurt herself. i was her makeup artists asistant and she really is a sweet girl. so FUCK OFF! thank you

  • Anonymous

    jki am not anyones assistant! :P

  • nickjjismyhusband

    hahahaha AWW! the little kid at the end just staring at her ^-^

  • sayWHAT

    i always thought she was a natural blonde lol

  • ilovepeacock

    this is cute but honestly, who gives a shit about a commercial that was a gazillion years ago?

  • Sahina

    Kraft bought Cadbury’s. i hate them.

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  • xSweetCandyxx

    Adorable <3

  • Anonymous

    I live in England as well, I think it’s processed cheese? Well whatever they are, look like cheese slices haha

    I love her music now. Wish she didn’t have to act so badass :P A little badass is fine, but she looks a tad scary

  • oceanUP.

    “Sometimes boys make mistakes… but.. I know this boy wont” OMG hahahh SO FUNNY. And the awkward stare into the camera.

  • Anonymous

    Gezz where is that girl now?
    Maybe under all the make up she wears now :)

  • Anonymous

    Anyone?? I OWN this post
    I really like my medicine, but i would like her more if she stopped being a complete idiot. I mean all her bad-ass attitude is a NO NO, You can make rock songs and not necessarelly be a bad-ass

  • Lmfaoooooo

    aw<3 so cuteee.

  • mileyxepic

    Aww.Cute. She doesnt scare me in this video ^-^

  • paniuroczy

    awwww, so friggin’ cutee.

    Anon: being a badass is awesome. she’s just doing it wrong. where are you from???

  • LucyWhite

    What the heck is “imitation cheese” ???
    Is it an American thing? (I’m from the UK and I’ve never seen it/heard of it)

  • Anonymous

    they probably mean something like ASDA smart price cheese slices lol :S

  • mileyxepic

    I actually remember this

  • Anonimuss2.Oh

    This ad is ghetto. They just let the camera run when Taylor’s done her line. You can tell she looked at a BTS person confused.

  • Anonymous

    Anon: being a badass is awesome. she’s just doing it wrong. where are you from???

    Calm down! I like her music, but as you said the whole badass thing is not really workinf for her :|