Taylor Momsen The Soup Shake N’ Bake

  • Diamondback


    Never miss The Soup.

  • blabla

    where the hell are my cigarettes xDD

  • xoxomusicxoxo

    this was soo funny. Taylor was soo cutee when she was little, I love the shake n bake commerical she did as well as the Kraft one that OU posted below. And her music is great and all.. I just wish she wouldn’t try to be a complete badass. You can create rock music without being like that you know..

  • martinn94

    at least she knows how to take a joke:P

  • Anonymous


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  • ADDY

    LMMMFFFAAOOO. perfection. :)the eye make up was the cherry on top.

  • CupcakezLover

    SO FUCKING EAT IT!! Yeah, that’s how the commercial should have gone.

  • asIF. . .

    Joel McHale, I love you :)

  • iMystified

    “I’m shakin the f*ckin bag!”

  • whatthefudge

    “Okay listen up bitches,we’re making chicken”
    “i’m shaking the fucken bag”


  • mileyxepic


  • Lmfaoooooo

    Lmao, I love The Soup.

  • Anonymous

    that’s weird…….funny though

  • Anonymous

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    they seriously have the cutest make up range ever <33


  • Anonymous

    She looks like she is going to a funeral hahah, imagine if Gene Simmons and taylor hooked up. Their baby will scare the hell out of me

  • anna.xoxo14

    “Okay, listen up bitches, we’re makin chicken.”

    I effin love the Soup.