Hannah Montana Forever NEW PREVIEW

  • TTFrutti

    It’s still going on!? YES!
    I wonder how Miley Stewart’s life is going to be now…
    What about Amber & Ashley.. roflmao!!
    And that bully from season 1…
    And everyone that hated her or didn’t believe in her.

  • Anonymous

    you are all morons, jason earles said theres like five more episodes, and when they first started shooting season 4 they said there was 11 (now like 16) episodes, the hour long episode was only episode 9

  • peacelove

    Wait a sec… i thought it was already over?

  • Anonymous

    your sooooooooooooooooo late on this OU,

    OU FAIL!

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  • Entertainmentlove

    so its not over +_+
    tears for nothing

  • What?!

    Whaat! I thought they ended the show?… So confusing xD

  • Anonymous

    wasn’t it over?

  • realistgangsta