Miley Cyrus FASHION FLOP @ AMAs?

Interview under!

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  • xMerryh

    you want a fashion flop? look at ke$ha.

    miley looks incredibly beautiful, and the dress is amazing.

  • Sahina

    dunno how that was a fashion flop. it’s better than her previous outfits.

  • blueberry27

    oww what happen to ke$ha xl ….bemay next year.. i think miley and taylor were the only ones dress good.

  • ADDY

    tht pick of it flyiing is stunning. the only problem was when she walked it dragged like toilet paper LOL. but when standing; flawless. :)

  • Aoise

    Oh my god she looked amazing !!! really beautiful, her dress, her makeup/hair was stunning !

  • pop ate my heart

    I would have loved it so much if she put her hair up or into a different style that night but she still looked really good :)

  • marissababyxo

    Are they blind? She looked fuckin amazing! Could do without the long ass train, but regardless, she looked great.

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful dress. She was GORGEOUS.

  • Chanells__Cool


  • itsaimeenotamy

    1st :)

  • lollipop1

    1st :)

    you aint nothin’ special.

  • mels

    Not quite. She looked fabulous! Except her hair kinda bothered me cause it was real flat. But still…I don’t think this was a fashion flop! She looked awesome. Love that dress.

  • little misssunshinee

    i think she looked amazing.
    one of her best ouftits<3
    i love her style this outfit and the outfit she wore at the 09 teen choice awards amazzinggg!!!
    oh and her her hair and makeup look awesomee!

  • Anonymous

    i love miley

  • mileyistheboss

    Loved her dress

  • mileyistheboss

    Loved her dress

  • asIF. . .

    Miley and Taylor were the only ones that looked good last night. Though Miley’s dress could do without the huge ass train and Taylor shouldn’t have straightened her hair.

  • realistgangsta

    wtf they trippin she looked better then everybody else there e news are some hating ass bitches next

  • L.A Baby

    That dress is HORRIBLE.