Bill & Tom Kaulitz PETA AD


Tokio Hotel twins Bill & Tom Kaulitz chained to a pole and smeared with blood in an ad for PETA, slaves of the entertainment industry. Bill said: ‘People should imagine, animals are kept this way for an entire life. Circus with animal shows should be forbidden, there are enough other thrilling options.’ Vid under!

  • LizzieHawkins

    Anonymous said:

    Two sexy talented vegetarians chained to a pole? I like it;)

  • Queengiselle

    i agree with stoping animal cruelty

    thumbs up for tom and bill

  • justsayin’

    Is it wrong to say that Bill should always wear that shirt from now on or shirts like that,cause DAMN. Oh and who ever got to smear makeup on them, you are one lucky person, unless you were a guy then what i just said would be awkward.

  • Shimmy

    I admire their compassion and moral responsibility towards animals. They are wonderful, caring young men.

  • Vnlasteamer

    Gorgeous ad. These guys make great music and are such intelligent, compassionate people. Props to them.

  • Anonymous

    if I remember correctly, the jacket is rubber and the pants really don’t look like leather in the making-of video.

  • Anonymous

    It’s fake leather, you dimwit. He always states that he never wears real leather, it’s fake leather.

  • sophieee


  • Anonym

    And one of them is all covered in leather… what a sick advert!

  • Anonymous

    Que PANICO!

  • tvd_forever

    Tom is Gorgeous! <3I love them ! Tokio Hotel are one of my favorite bands from 4 years and half ! I adore them !
    I am not the biggest fan of PETA , but this can totally change my mind !

  • Sparks.Fly

    For that, I love them. :)

  • Anonymous

    Love this campaign and I can’t wait to see more photos of it!

  • Fullalala

    Mmkay. Here’s how I’m gonna say it.
    1. Totally love PETA.
    2. Billy is so SKINNY. But, soo fit. <3
    3. Why can’t some of you guys respect eachothers opinions? Ridiculous bitches.-.-
    4. Buh-bye.

  • Anonymous

    its called synthetic leather loser :)

  • LifeLaughLOVE.

    MeenuD said:
    Fucking shoot myself than listen to their music.

    I KNOW RIGHT! :|

  • SuperSchäyhn

    I don’t hate their music I just hate the fact that Bill IS gay and he doesn’t admit it

  • Anonymous

    no one asked any of you who dont like them to listing to their music and you really dont know ifyou would lik it if you havend listined to it but whatever i loove them their music and the this poster thing they really are good and loving people

  • Anonymous



  • Anonymous

    These guys are my biggest heroes. They truly care about this cause, did you know they’re vegetarians too? :)

  • Sonja

    k people do have their right to say what ever, however isnt it a little ridiculous that you guys are bashing other peoples opinions? I for one think that what Tom and Bill are standing up for a wonderful thing, animal cruelty needs to end! Their message is clear and I am with them on it 100% Another thing I would like to say is if you don’t like the music then way are you wasting your time listening to it? You don’t like it then shut up and get over it! Finally I would just like to say, Congratz Tom and Bill, you ahve accomplished a lot and you are making a very good and important point to living things that can’t stand up for themselves without being punished! Keep up the excellent work! Sonja :)

  • Jerry

    Stay out of the way, Lizzie, you may get trampled by the throngs of people who are drooling right now!

  • KussMichJetzt

    Is it wrong of me to like seeing them in chains? :Q__ _

  • Anonymous


  • PullTheTrigger


  • Anonymous

    thnx OCEANUP, now ppl can see how wonderful they really are!!!!!!!!!!!

    tokio hotel FOR LIFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Rosemarie

    it looks fake…and why would they do that????

  • Anonymous

    so sexy. ;D
    it’s great that they’re doing this. even though PETA creeps me out sometimes..and that’s coming from a vegetarian/animal lover.

  • Anonymous

    I love the kaulitz Twins support this campaign, it’s a beautiful campaign<3

    Bill looks Gorgeous! <3

  • Anonymous

    Don’t support Peta, but I do support this message. Go Bill and Tom for sticking up for animal rights. And the sexy ad does not hurt. ;)

  • Gearsarealwaysturning

    Que miedo!

  • MeenuD

    Fucking shoot myself than listen to their music.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, because you like Miley Hoe Cyrus. Who’s music is SO much better. *gags*

  • Remina

    hah, go fuck yourself hater. they’re more loved and famous than you’ll ever be.

  • TokitahKaulitz4ever!


  • Gearsarealwaysturning

    Agreed. Stop animal cruelty.

  • Britini95

    I think PETA is obnoxious, but I love animals and 100% support animal rights! I love Tokio Hotel!

  • Entertainmentlove

    PETA is so stupid if you love animals why put dead animals on your covers
    fucking hate PETA

  • Annika

    I agree with them. But PETA is not always that clean as they say.
    wiii Bill&Tom are from germany. I’m from germany too. i met them last year.

  • Rosemarie

    soooo lucky!!! I love them too!!!

  • Anonymous

    Two sexy talented vegetarians chained to a pole? I like it;)