Tiffany Giardina Z100s Hometown Hero

  • MistressJonas

    I love her. She really deserves to win. I hope she does! Keep voting people. Put it on Twitter and FB! Keep spreading the word…..even make your own flyers and pass them out! Support Tiffany!!!

  • Anonymous


    why aren’t comments showing up?

  • Anonymous

    I hope she loses because of all the unfair treatment shes getting from these websites its unfair to the other competitors everyone deserves a fair chance

  • teamtiff

    wow look the last three comments negative then asking to vote for another band ……mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    wonder………….tiffany fans are so happy !!

  • Terry

    She’s amazing!! I hope she wins, she deserves it <3

  • TiffGiardinaFL

    Team Tiff all the way! Everyone vote! She’s awesome! :D

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  • Anonymous

    love u gia

  • Anonymous

    this girl has no talent

  • Anonymous

    tiffany completely deserves to win this competition she’s by far the best
    so talented
    everyone pleaseeee vote for tiff!!!

  • ilana

    everyone pleasee vote for tiff!
    she’s so talented and completely deserves to win
    its up to us to get her to win so tell all of your friends and get everyone to vote!!!

  • Anonymous

    vote for meadowland, not for her.

  • Anonymous

    tiffany fans suck!

  • JB Fan

    I will vote and let my JB team know to vote too !

  • Anonymous

    Yes thats like saying i hope obama loses because he works hard or went to harvard..when u work hard at something, its a good thing, u dont make any sense

  • victoriaJus

    Dont look back, the haters will always be there
    I think your sweet

  • Anonymous

    funny i thought this website was for famous people…

  • Anonymous

    LOVE HER<3

    amazinng, everyone vote!!

  • kimberly
  • Anonymous

    what song is that that shes singing i like it. and congrats to her i grew up rite around her so i’ll deffff vote for her, she’s like the best hometown hero we have lol

  • Leenuhh

    Yay!!! I love Tiffany<3 she’s going to go places

  • Abby

    I love Tiffany!!!! She’s so sweet and she such a good person! I voted for her so many times and you should too!!! <3

  • kimberly

    sooo happy for her!

  • Abbbyyyy

    Tiffany is so amazing! I love all of her new music and she really really deserves to win this!!! You rock Gia!

  • UltimateTiffany

    Yayyy! I’ve been getting all of my Friends to vote ause you really deserve this tiff! She definitley ine of the most talented and down to earth teen celebs out there!

  • maura

    that’s awesomeee! congratulations tiffany, i really hope you make it girl! xoxo

  • xxx

    YES! Love her! Hope she wins. Haters can GTFO :)

  • Abbyxo

    I love that song “Love To Hate You” <3 Tiffany is SO talented! She should definitley win this :)