Mitchel Musso CELEBRATE Music Video

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  • Anonymous

    FaiL a billion times

  • oceanUP


  • vanessa

    she could be bella thornes older sister.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    this video is SO bad. now a days you can make amazing videos with a limited budget…it could have been much better. and isn’t he on a major label? why is this such poor quality?

  • Entertainmentlove

    from the side this girl looks like miley
    at the front like debby ryan

  • Anonymous

    Seriously. If this was a real party, he probably would have been pushed in the pool. But good for him, he makes money off this shit and I’m sure he knows it’s not that good.

  • Anonymous

    coomeee on man you can do SOO much better.. this looks liek a boooooooooorring parteeeei

  • Anonymous

    Dear Mitchel Musso;

    y so serious