Noah Cyrus Ashley Cooke FUN VIDEO

  • gymnastlovee95

    i think its weird how this other girl is 15 and noah is 10.
    but whatever helps the cyrus’ get through(:

  • Anonymous

    If u guys notice they said this is wut they do at 5am welll miley stepped in the door at 5am where was she? haha but I LOVE MILEY! shes my role model! idc wut anyone says about her. im 16! n i still luv her ppl hate n i realize that i luv mileys new style everything about her! THATS WHY SHES MILEY CYRUS! not hannah montana ppl need to not compare her to when she was younger. shes that age where she does where crazy clothes she does want to look sexy because thats wut all girls do when they are older. trust me i know i have an older sister who was 18 when she had a kid! at least mileys not pregnant! i mean im 16 and I even dress the way miley does…ALL IM SAYING IS I LOVE MILEY CYRUS! LOL N FORGET ALL YOU HATERS!

  • PeaceLoveHarmony

    The other girl looks waaaay older
    Anyone know how old she is?
    And Noah annoys me so frickin much

  • Anonymous

    Kinda weird that the Ashley girl is 15 years old and Noah is 9? Whatever, cute that shes got a friend to keep her happy through her family troubles.

  • JonasSwiftLover13

    she’s reaaally following Miley’s steps just saying

  • Ashleyy.

    This made me lmao.

  • asIF. . .

    This just made me miss the Miley & Mandy show . . . and made me want to slap Noah. She annoys me so much :I

  • rachel

    JonasSwiftLover13 said:

    she’s reaaally following Miley’s steps just saying

    yah cause making a youtube video says that shes following mileys exact footsteps. noah is her own person.

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  • realistgangsta

    ashley girl is pretty

  • Anonymous

    Lolol, Ashley also does the “Stella and Ash Show” :)

  • ilovemiley

    Hollyy crapp!! mini miley!