Mandy Jiroux, ‘Miley Is Really Strong’


Mandy Jiroux told J-14 she is still friends with Miley Cyrus: ‘We don’t see each other as often as we used to because every day was, ‘Let’s sleepover! Let’s do this!’ We’ve both been super busy. I’m super busy with the girls, and I see them all the time, and she’s doing her own thing, but we keep in touch. She actually invited us to her 18th birthday bash!

Mandy has spoken with Miley since Tish and Billy Ray decided to divorce: ‘I’ve just talked to her about other things, and she just seems fine. She’s a really strong girl. She has great siblings around her. They’re dealing with it just fine.

Working with Miley was a dream come true for me because growing up as a dancer, the main thing is to go on a tour with a huge artist. It was amazing. As a music artist now, I just look up to her because she’s the most hardworking girl in the world, and because she’s so hardworking and passionate, she is who she is. No matter how tough the day is, work comes first, and you should feel blessed every moment you’re doing it.’

  • Anonymous

    very kind of her :) Miley is really strong since the beginning of her career

  • MileyIsFierce

    awww, such a sweet girl, very good words, Miley is fiber <3

  • EverybodyareCRAZY

    i always think that mandy used miley to get her band and the whole publicity -.-

    and nice picture OU :D

  • mfan

    Mandy is a good friend.

  • Caity!inrox

    whats with miley being in bathtubs in all her old pics…? anyway, i really do feel bad for miley even tho im not a fan. my rents fight and id b crushed if they got a divorce and it would suck even more if evry u look magazines and websites and paparatzi r talking about it. gotta b hard on her.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    of all pics they put that one with the article rolfe<3333
    (l) l>

  • themileylove

    mmileeeeeyy is the best eveer

  • Anonymous

    wow ppl need to get a life..and stop focusing on miley cyrus’s life…and if you didnt know oceanup is bs they turn everything into drama…god only know..s and miley cyrus :)

  • picstoburn

    Lmao nice picture ou. and i thought they weren’t friends till i saw her at Miley’s birthday.

  • Anonimuss2.Oh

    OU! -__-

    That picture…

  • mileycyrusrocks2011

    Gooo Miley and Mandy!! <3

  • LesleyrockLovesJonas

    Love her :]
    I agree in what she says, she is a strong girl and I think it’s really cute that she “admires” Miley :]
    Hope they can spend more time together!!

  • krystinajonas

    Nov 26, 2010 @ 02:54 pm
    Selena237 said:

    I hater her.
    Making fun of Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato in the year 2008 by reblogging their video
    frick them.

    im pretty sure that was a joke

  • angie2much

    I miss the Miley and Mandy days

  • Just Dream.

    Yeah,she’s a very strong girl :). Thank you Mandy for being her friend♥ Ahah’ xD

  • angie2much

    and my gosh people. Why is it that everyone Miley is friends with or dates that’s less popular than Miley is have to mean that they are using her? If there’s any person in this world that used Miley for fame it’s those JONAS KIDS

  • picstoburn

    I miss the miley and mandy show but Miley was a brat when she was with Mandy.

  • Selena237

    Actually it wasn’t they made fun of their video

  • Disney Supporter

    Aw, Mandy.[:

  • Anonymous

    well, demi and miley are best friends now, so obviously it didn’t upset demi that much. besides, it was the past.

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  • Anonymous

    and you’re clearly the only one that can’t take a joke, sense miley is friends with demi and hung out with selena? yeah. shut up dumbass.

  • Selena237

    I hater her.
    Making fun of Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato in the year 2008 by reblogging their video
    frick them.

  • Anonymous

    very kind of her saying that :) Miley always was and always will be strong, she’s a fiber woman, that’s one of the thousand reasons i love her <3

  • Afysel

    They have grown apart….that’s what money and fame does to friendships…but miley’s new bff is demi,so its all good

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  • BangThatDrum

    Aaaaw :D!

  • realistgangsta


  • Anonimuss2.Oh

    Dear Mandy,

    You’re nothing but a famwhore. Your “band” suck ass. You suck cock. Please shut up because it is clear you used Miley Cyrus to pimp your music.


  • gottalent

    Allll of a sudden she wants to be nice to Miley and hang around with her after the drama starts to rise?

  • JustxLeex


    ahh! Love her :)