Miranda Cosgrove Thanksgiving Parade


  • RoxyPop55

    WOWWWW OMG she looks so ugly I like ICarly but not her.

    I took that photo with my camera It broke.
    Oh MY Goshhh.

    Well My conclusion is that she is hot no,no it was a joke she is HORRIBLE.

  • EmmaLC

    Miranda is talentless.
    I saw her perform on the Today Show, and she has zero stage presence. Once iCarly ends, so will her showbiz career.

  • Anonymous

    her head looks big

  • Bethany K

    her head isnt big its jus that you cant see her neck so it looks big.

    tbh, she looks like the old Megan from D&J

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  • shelbyxo

    so freakin true.

  • Minke

    She looks like she’s on botox..

  • Anonymous

    why there are so many haters on here, Miranda you look amazing, you dont need a tan you have perfect healthy skin, dont ruin it by getting a fake tan like demi lovato.

  • gabriela -

    ow, she looks so bad :l

  • evanescence

    Her face doesn’t fit her body O.O

  • Anonymous

    no hate on her but, she’s not pretty at all. not all girls can be pretty – heck, im SO not pretty XD. but Miranda looks so… square. just saying, not hating on her! :)

  • omygosh

    her head looks so BIG like WOW .

  • kaygirl

    guys i actually think she looks really pretty here…

  • urluvismydrugg

    she needs a tan…
    but maybe she’s albino and will just burn. idk. but if she can she should get at least a little tan. she’s too pale, imo.

  • keshafan08

    i think she loks really pretty :)