Selena, ‘Creepy Cousin Taking A Picture’


  • Anonymous

    sheis acting weird these days, tweeting like a normal person. weird

  • wavy


  • FallenAngel23

    shes driving thats a change

  • truth teller

    how bitchy of selena …..
    way to embrass your cousin

  • aaliyahnoelle

    truth teller said:

    how bitchy of selena …..
    way to embrass your cousin

    stop reaching for a story.

  • Anonymous

    Selena looks like she is angry and like she’s about to slap someone and I’m excited there is not one comment that said they are ‘first’

  • Takes1toKno1

    ?!¡!¡YÃY¡!¡!? °\(?)/° ! She’s driving! Haahah u know how every1 said she was the only disney ? who didnt drive haha.

    And she’s been so weird lately. Tweeting all the time! :D

  • RenZii

    Did you Guys Notice Sel’s and Demi’s Youtube Acc.? (Oh, BTW, I’m Just Saying my Opinion in Their CHannels, not on This OU Post :P)
    Only Sel Deleted All The Videos of Her and Demi except for Her Video Saying She Misses Demi… Look At Demi’s Account… She’s Hasn’t Delete the Videos of her And Selena… (I’m not a Hater, Actually I Love them Both.)
    Maybe Sel Just Sending Us fans a Message Of Her and Demi’s Relationship, She did Deleted the Other “VLOGS” Of Her and Demi Except for the Video of her Saying She Misses her, Maybe to be some Kind of Message saying “SHE REALLY MISSES DEMI ALOT Right Now!”..

    I Don’t Know. K?, Just Saying my Opinion and What I Think… What Do you Guys Think About It anyways?

  • ShutUpAndDrive

    Cute ;) , I like how she started tweeting random stuff hehehe …

  • Anonymous

    Uhhh… I Kinda Notice That Too… Wow! I Thought I Was Weird Because I Thought I Was the Only One who’s Thinking That… But I Guess… They Miss Each Other Terribly, But Demi’s Just in Rehab and No body can Visit her, So That Totally SUCKS!! That Should be the Right time to Talk 1 on 1, SOlo Together.. Quiet, One Room, And Time to Understand Each Other and Soon Make Great Videos and Hang Out Again… UGH!! I REALLY MISS DELENA!!


    Or Better Yet.. On One Concert! One Movie! One SONG (I Know, AGAIN) and Live Like One again! :))

    I Really Wish, I Could See them Together Soon.. –*Tears*– *Falls* — *Cries*

    WEIRD HUH!? I KNOW! :)

  • Jammm:))

    That Picture was Cute, But That Would be Even more Cuter When The Girl was Demi! “ANO & RenZii” You Guys Made me Remind of Delena, Aww, I Missed Them Both! AGAIN!! I WANT THEM BACK!!

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    at least she’s not using her twitter only to promote

  • copymonster

    She looks cute in sideways :)

  • Ayniess

    You’re not right. All their video vlogs were on Demi’s account! I totally remember that fact

  • Anonymous

    they look good^^

  • xoShannonxo

    Her cous is pretty

  • gottalent

    How nice

  • mels

    She’s so cute! I wonder where they were eating…..and where Justin was ; ) backseat?

  • PaaperPlanes

    gottalent just keeps saying “how nice” in every post. ;)

  • Anonymous

    how nice

  • Anonymous

    mels said:

    She’s so cute! I wonder where they were eating…..and where Justin was ; ) backseat?

    justin was too busy having sex with me to care

  • gottalent

    Lol elmo cant help himself

  • Anonymous


  • TraceSTAN

    that’s pretty cool

  • w

    Cute :)