Jake T. Austin BLACK FRIDAY Shopper


Jake T. Austin shopping @ The Grove on Black Friday. Photos: INF.

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  • deeee

    just trying to get some deals…

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  • MusicInMyAss

    Wow. He looks hot in that picture.

  • TalitaDBatista

    Anonymous said:
    Awh cutie, I think when he hits 18, 19 he’ll be even hotter aha

    I love his eyes, soo sexy!! And his lips?? OMGGG And not gonna say anything about his body, HEHEHEHEHE ;D

  • Anonymous

    looks like he could be Benicio del Toro’s son!

  • Anonymous

    He is more beautiful than Justin Bieber, well I don’t think that Biber is ”beautiful” whatever!… I remember how small he was and now Woow! He’s really handsome! Love him!

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  • kaygirl

    ok this post (picture) is too hott to be dead.

  • JoeHoe15

    Uhhhh..Baby Max is a grown up man now!

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  • Anonymous

    Awh cutie, I think when he hits 18, 19 he’ll be even hotter aha

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  • blondebitch

    Anonymous said:

    wow. he was so little when WOWP started. weird to see him looking old

  • kaygirl

    hey there, someone’s looking hot recently(;

  • gottalent

    He is ….. good to look at

  • Anonymous

    wow. he was so little when WOWP started. weird to see him looking old

  • Anonymous

    Some chick got robbed $900 at a mall going black friday shopping….

  • Anonymous

    <333 He looks sooo hotttttt<3

  • thedarksunshine

    He is getting so much more attractive now..

  • rbdfan1718

    Someone was up early doing some shopping!

  • Anonymous

    Woah! Sexy.

  • ilovepeacock

    He’s totes getting cuter and cuter, but not my type anyhow ;P