Taylor Swift Speak Now 2011 Tour Poster


  • Anonymous


  • Blankets

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  • Anon:)

    Cute poster! And I’m not gonna lie. The first person I thought of when I read the poster was Nick Jonas because he tweeted about NeedToBreathe. Lol:)

  • Signorina. aNonimo

    who cares about Ms. Swift..would love to give her a swift kick in the ass…her voice is shitty as ever…

    she sucks big time!

  • Anonymous

    nah she makes her tickets cheap. i remember the jonas brothers floor tickets were like 80/90 bucks on ticketmaster.
    taylors? 50 bucks.
    20 bucks for upper section.
    she said she wanted all of her fans to be able to afford to see her. thats how sweet she is.

  • ClaireMichelle

    Shut the front door. She is having Needtobreathe open for her?! Now I HAVE to go. She just keeps doing things that make me love her even more. I looove Needtobreathe. I’m sold on this tour.

  • Martín

    Come to Argentina Swift. Please just come to Argentina.

  • xSweetCandyxx

    So cool <3

  • ClauAntonella


  • entry11

    So beautiful!!!
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  • Britini95

    I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t find tickets for her show in Philly :(

  • Anonymous

    how do some people have tickets already?!

  • Anonymous

    There’s going to have shows in Brazil ? Please someone answer me , I need to know this !!!

  • Anonymous

    9 feb, Singapore. ;)

  • Lieschn

    Omg! 1. This pic looks really cool! :)
    2. I’m soo happy that Taylor Swift is coming to Europe and to my country : Belgium! And that I have tickets!
    Thank you so much Taylor Swift for this tour and everything you do! <3

  • Shanna

    ME TOO!

  • madiabulafia

    Is she coming to Venezuela? Where can I see the list of countries she’s going?

  • Anonymous

    flawless <3
    wish she was coming to Brazil!!!

  • carouseleiffeltower

    I’m so over her doing that fucking heart.

  • Anonymous

    Lol @ carouseleiffeltower STFU.

    I remember when she tweeted about obsessing over Needtobreathe’s music! I’m glad she invited them on tour!

  • ThatboyisaMONSTER

    Im going to see her, 10th row baby ;)

  • MusicInMyAss

    I would like her to come to Argentina :)

  • rainbow3000

    People might mistaken this for ballerina type of events

  • Anonymous

    kinda plain and boring if you ask me, looks kinda fan made and cheap also :s
    kinda dissapointed

  • LoveSavetheEmpty

    can’t waitt..
    29th march :)

  • DaniC

    The only way im going to her concert is if i win tickets from a radio station, because im sure tickets to her concerts are expensive. Am i right?

  • Anonymous

    Actually no her tickets are just like an other artist tickets and usually even a little cheaper than others.

  • DaniC

    Oh really? Cool :)