Allstar Weekend Philly Thanksgiving Show


Allstar Weekend reveals under to CelebSecrets4U who the best kisser is!

  • Anonymous

    I think they are amazing live! i have seen them 11 times and they are the sweetest guys ever! they have come a long way since the 1st time ive seen them. I LOVE THEM! <3

  • Amy Jane

    i love Cameron and Zach they both are so awesome i play your songs 20 million times and i know them of by heart love you guys hope you can come to south Africa sing the clock runs out i think it is that one

  • sarahlove

    there are nice beaches here in cape town and nice people and reastrants please come to south Africa if you do this will be the first ever i went to any concert 1 time ever

  • Anonymous

    he’s not the hottest, true,
    but not ugly
    he is super sweet and adorable to STFU please & thank you

  • sarahlove

    and i am 16 years old and my friends went to concerts but i haven’t

  • Anonymous

    i love Cameron i hope they come to south africa

  • Sarah-Jane

    i also hope they come to south Africa singing that love song

  • taylorllama

    i loveeeeeee allstar weekend!
    nate + cameron <3

  • Anonymous

    WTF? how the hell can you hate cameron?

  • Anonymous

    woah they do not suck live and theyre the sweetest ever!

  • Anonymous

    I Love Them.. They Look So Sweet & Humbledd<3

  • Anonymous

    ugh! hate cameron!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been to 4 concerts and I’m beyond impressed every time. The boys are sweet and genuine. I LOVE all of them.

  • shelbyxo

    and so does every teen-celebrity these days. js

  • lollipop1

    not trying to be rude are anything….but allstar weekend SUCKS live

  • ADUBLove

    geez am i the only one that believes in them. Dont care what anyone says I STILL LOVE THEM!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    his turkey is about to spillover

  • mandi4nick

    i feel sorry for them.


  • Anonymous

    Cameron is ugly

  • Anonymous

    The guy who plays drums is attractive
    Ok gurlz I said attractive not hot or cute
    Ok maybe yea DON’T KNOW WHY I THINK THAT
    MAYBE cause the other one I dot feel them

  • Anonymous

    they’ll be done in a year.
    just give it time and we wont have to hear about them anymore

  • putlimeinthecoconut

    i feel sorry for them.