Ke$ha WE R WHO WE R Music Video

  • Anonymous

    i wish my eyes were that color (even tho i know that’s totally edited)

  • Marge.

    auto tuned

  • Caity!inrox

    hmmm…i really dont like kesha because her songs and videos and outfits r innapropriated and just as im thinking ok this song isnt that bad i mean its just about havin fun with friends but now the video….kinda ruins it. the songs still ok but the video….bleh

  • Anonymous

    idk the video seems like it oculd have been amazing, but i dont know if its the editing or the cameras or both but it doesnt really do it for me, it doesnt seem on the same level as her other music videos with the exception of “take it off kesha n friends version” they seem on the same level

  • Anonymous

    i she fucking serious? She looks like an ugly joke. What every happened to people singing without machines. The Pop world sucks ass and so does this song&vid.

  • paparazzigirl

    Why do people like her…? -_-

  • Anonymous

    intense product placement lol

  • Anonymous

    i LOVE her:)

  • Anonymous

    music videos about partying and drinking kinda get old

  • xdaydreamer

    she’s just so….-_-

  • Wish


  • idkMyBFFjill


  • ClaireMichelle

    Hellooooo, product placement.

  • gottalent

    It was like she tryed to hard but then HEY IT’S KE$HA!

  • Anonymous

    this doesn’t have anything to do with gay teen suicides or bullying. but isn’t that why she wrote the song?

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  • Anonymous


  • Leeezaaa

    I love the video, she never seems to disappoint. (: I loveee Ke$ha. :’D