Taylor Swift @ CMT Artists Of The Year @ The Factory in Franklin, TN. More pix HERE. Taylor’s E! News Special premieres tonight @ 10 PM EST on E! Taylor, her mom and Abigail will be interviewed.

  • Anonymous

    ahh. she’s so awesome.
    she’s gorgeous.
    i really like her dress!! :)


  • gabby xo

    BEAUTIFUL ! great dress and she looks so prettyyyyy <3 LONG LIVE TAYLOR !

  • xSweetCandyxx

    Beautiful as usual =)

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    you’re disgusting FATTY!!!

  • GabriellaS

    She has the best legs in the business …douche!

  • yelyah

    She has the best legs in the business …douche!
    Ok, sweety.. it`s good that you like them. I just don`t.. they`re too skinny:)

  • Anonymous

    She’s a really good songwriter and all but what has she really done this year to get one of the artists of the year? Fearless came out before this year and Speak Now just came out. The other people who got artist of the year all have albums and other things they’ve been doing all year. I know Taylor’s been working on stuff but she didn’t really release a lot til recently, so I don’t know why she’s an artist of the year. But that’s just my opinion don’t attack me on it like some of you guys always do.

  • forevernalways

    she’s pretty but I don’t like her dress at all :S

  • MissSarah

    I can choose between taylor swift and justin bieber concert. Which one is more enjoyable or better.

    Btw i prefer ts becuz jb has too many crazy female fans…but idk. What do u think? I need an advice, pls!!!

  • Mahima

    didnt she wear a similar dress last week?

  • PeaceLoveHarmony

    Bit too lacy for me but its alright
    And she’s looks kinda sorta really skinny here

  • yelyah

    not the best looking legs.. but, she`s pretty:)