Chelsea Staub Grove Christmas Shopper


  • your love is off the chain

    i love this girlll<3


    ^^it is collect some fashion brand
    i hope you will like:*

  • Anonymous

    all i see is skin and bones. there is no chelsea in this pic

  • Anonymous

    she is pretty

  • Chanells__Cool

    Aw! I just missed her. I went to the grove right before this! Dang.

    Love her :)

  • dsfdsfds

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  • Marge.

    love her <3

  • SellyismygirlCrush

    Eat a Fucking Sandwich my God Season 1 of Jonas she looked soo different!

  • Anonymous

    wooow she’s looking too skinny

    SHE is pretty but she looks better with more weight, she looks like sick

  • LittleCookie

    she looks so ill !!
    she needs to gain weight!

  • Anonymous

    Love Chelsea she seems so much fun and down to earth – sad things did not work out with her and Joe because they made a gorgeous couple.

  • Sarae

    LOVE chelsea!!!

  • Anonymous

    She should put on some weight…

  • forevernalways

    LOVE this girl so much! :D

  • Wish

    Gorgeous, but she’s so skinny. :/

  • crazylady


    agree it makes her look kinda too old even.

  • Anonymous

    she was pretty with long hair and when she had some meat now she has no fat

  • boo you


  • Winston Fan:)

    I like this girls :)

  • Anonymous

    omggg she is sooo small…anyways i love chelsea she is soooo pretty and sh is awesome!!!!

  • Anonymous

    What this post has to do whit: joe jonas and ashley greene engaged?
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    Joe Jonas Ashley Greene ENGAGED?
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